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 WHEN: Wednesday, June 24 | 6:00 PM
WHERE: RSVP by emailing, Zoom link to be emailed before meeting
On June 24, 2020, we'll hold elections for a number of positions. For many positions, no experience with the club is necessary! All we're looking for are passionate Noles with the time and energy to plan and execute our club events. There are many perks (including trips to Tallahassee, COVID and budget permitting), but the personal and professional relationships you can make while helping your university are worth it alone. Due to COVID circumstances, outgoing officers have agreed to work with elected officers through the end of 2020. If interested in applying for one of these roles, please email Here are the open officer positions:
1. The President is the Chief Officer of the club and is responsible for (a) presiding over meetings, (b) making committee assignments necessary to achieve tasks desired by the club, (c) representing the club before any other group in the community, (d) acting as liaison with the University on all matters of official business, (e) access to club financial resources in the absence of the Treasurer, (f) and otherwise providing the necessary leadership to effectively carry out the mission and purpose of the SCNYC as stated in Article II of the SCNYC Charter. The President serves a minimum of two years and may be elected to serve one additional two year term. Must have experience volunteering with the club. Hours per week: 2

 2. The Vice President is second in command within the club structure and is responsible for all duties of the President in his/her absence. Likewise, the Vice President shall assist the President in the fulfillment of the duties of the President, or other officers as found to be necessary by the President. The Vice President is elected for a two year term and may be re-elected for a second two year term. Hours per week: 1

 3. The Secretary is the primary Communications Officer and record keeper of the SCNYC and is responsible for (a) taking minutes of all regularly scheduled meetings and preparing them for review at the subsequent meeting, (b) maintaining a directory of all current members, (c) assuring proper coordination of dissemination of information to club members regarding all activities, (d) and preparing final correspondence and other forms of communications by the club. The Secretary is elected for a two year term and may be re-elected for a second one year term if so desired. Hours per week: 1

 4. The Chief Sports Officer is responsible for the oversight of all things FSU Sports and watch-party related. This includes relationships between the bars and bar staff and SCNYC. The CSO also oversees the volunteers that assist with the merchandise table at watch-parties, and the volunteer bar managers. The CSO is elected for a two-year term and may be re-elected for a second term if so desired. Must have experience volunteering on Gamedays. Hours per week in the fall: 1, and help on Gamedays

 Note: All officer positions must be (or become) FSU Alumni Association members.


Other volunteer positions open:

The Membership Chair shall be charged with the crucial task of maintaining and expanding the membership base of the SCNYC by encouraging membership in both the FSU Alumni Association and Seminole Boosters. Supports the Scholarship Chair. Hours per week: 0.5

 The Social Media Chair shall be responsible for updating and maintaining all social media accounts for the SCNYC (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). Supports the Webmaster and Secretary. Hours per week: 0.5

 The Webmaster shall be charged with the task of updating and maintaining the club’s website Supports the Social Media chair and Secretary. Hours per week: 0.25

 The Football Chairs (one for each bar) will assist the Chief Sports Officer in managing the relationships of the bars, finding and communicating with volunteers, and setting up the merchandise table with the help of the volunteers. Chairs must be available most Saturdays in the fall. Hours per week: 2 hours on gamedays.