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9-11 Scholarship

The FSU-NYC September 11 Scholarship Fund was established on September 17, 2001 to help send qualified children of victims who died in the September 11 attacks to FSU, with a preference for children of police officers, firefighters or other persons in uniform.  Since then, we have raised over $60,000 for the fund. In 2011, we awarded Manhattan Xavier High School graduate Patrick Steffens the first FSU-NYC September 11 scholarship. These students and their families have shown tremendous resilience in the face of insurmountable obstacles. However, we are now at the point in time where current 18 year-olds were not there to experience that fateful day. So, in order to continue to honor these families and their resilience, compassion, and New York toughness, we've decided to make some small, but impactful changes to the Seminole Club of NYC 9/11 Scholarship. This endowed scholarship will now be open to ALL Florida State Students who have triumphed over adversity and shown resilience in the face of tragedy, regardless of location or what that tragedy may be. We look forward to partnering with the FSU Resiliency Project, continuing our partnership with the FSU Foundation, and participating in the FSU's Great Give, as we award this grant every year to worthy students who are "Nole York Tough."

Our goal is to provide a scholarship to one student each academic school year. We ask you to please help us meet our goal.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated by our Club, but even more, appreciated by the scholarship recipient.  All money received will be deposited in our Scholarship Fund account and used exclusively for the scholarship.  We will keep contributors informed about the Fund and also about the progress of the recipients. 

Scholarship applications are currently closed. For students interested in applying, please visit the FSU AcademicWorks page:

To make a donation, or if you have any further questions about the FSU-NYC September 11 Scholarship Fund, please contact us at

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